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We are a regional non-banking financial powerhouse headquartered in Dubai, UAE with offices in key regional financial markets, offering a comprehensive range of investment products and services covering but not limited to asset management, trading, import & export, finance investment, construction, real estate, general trading, brokerage, Transportation, Logistic, Civil Engineering, General Contracting, real estate (buying and selling of land & buildings), finance investment, E-Commerce, General Maintenance Logistics solution for perfect execution up to entire satisfaction of valued clients while meeting the requisite local standards.

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The Areas of Investment

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Why Oil & Gas Industry?

We at Harmony Investments have a strong footprint in the MENA Region with expertise in the following fields:

  • Expertise with more than 20 Years Oil & Gas Industry in MENA.
  • Drilling Engineering & Consultancy.
  • Reservoir Engineering Expertise.
  • Products and Services.
  • Partnership with a leading company in Inspection, Testing, Certification, Maintenance, Training & Consultancy.
  • Q&HSE Consultancy and Advisory.
  • Wide Customer Network in MENA with key influencing leadership.
  • Bidding Strategies for NOC’s and IOC’s.
  • SPE Membership & various technical publications.
  • Resource management and advisory.

What we Offer

What We Do

We are a business minded firm that invests in promising
industries and regions across our portfolio.

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How Harmony Investments Works

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